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A New Passion – Reading

In November, I was in a real slump in regards to Stampin’ UP! I had to find another “Passion” because I was so depressed, I didn’t want to do anything.

I turned to Amazon and in addition, I joined Audible. Found a great author, Jeff Wheeler, and I listened to all his current books. I love his Series, “Muirwood” and “Kingfountain”. I am patiently waiting for the release of the last book in the Kingfountain Series, The Poisoner’s Enemy, which hits Amazon on 9 January 2018.

After finishing his series, I had to find something else to read (actually listen to) and found Author, Jamie Beck. While I like her series, the characters do not carry forward into the next books. After Reading Jeff Wheeler’s series where the characters continued throughout the series, I found that I actually missed that.

So I used Google to find an Author that wrote Romance Novels where the Characters were carried forward into each book. There are many authors out there. I chose Jude Deveraux – Started Reading her Edilean Series.

Heartwishes (Edilean, #5)Heartwishes by Jude Deveraux
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! I loved this book. It kept my interest from the very beginning; unlike the first 4 books. While the Author was building the story line, I found the first four books hard to get into, but then about half way into each book, the excitement started bubbling.

I am sad in a way that the Characters from the first 4 books are now not in the present, but each time one of their names are mentioned, I have to really think who was she, who was she married to, and then the spark in my heart continues.

Heartwishes was the best so far! I loved how everything is coming together.

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